Jimmy E. Carter – 39

Jimmy Earl Carter served as the 39th President of the United States.

He served for a single term from 1977 to 1981. He ran for a second time during the 1980 presidential elections but lost to Ronald Reagan.

Early Life

Jimmy Carter was born in Georgia. He was later joined the United States Navy where he served for a time before returning to his home and family in 1953. He joined politics in order to support civil rights. He was later elected to the State Senate of Georgia. In 1970, he was elected as the Governor of Georgia and he remained in this position for the next five years.

Election as the President

During the 1976 presidential election, Jimmy Carter ran as a presidential candidate. He was little known outside of the state of Georgia. Still, he managed to secure the Democratic nomination. Not only that, he also managed to defeat the incumbent President Gerald Ford. With this victory, he effectively became the 39th President of the United States.

Jimmy Carter Portrait American Presidents List

Jimmy Carter Portrait American Presidents List

Important Events during Presidency

President Carter had to face a number of challenges when he assumed the office. Still, he took a number of important measures. These included the establishment of the departments of Energy and Education. Internationally, Carter sought to improve relations with other countries. To this end, he brokered the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel while also signing Panama Canal Treaties and returning the control of the Panama Canal to Panama.

Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

After several years of reduced tensions between United States and the Soviet Union, the relations worsened in 1979 when Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. This jeopardized the balance of power between the two superpowers. Carter responded by boycotting the 1980 Summer Olympics hosted in Moscow, a move in which he was joined by other western nations as well. Carter also ended the American policy of détente and started supporting regional allies such as Pakistan to counter the Soviet invading forces in Afghanistan.

President Carter and American Economy

During President Carter’s term in the office, the American economy remained in a poor shape. At the time, the economy was generally marked by a decline. The economic growth was slow and unemployment had risen. These factors contributed somewhat in a decline in Carter’s popularity and his defeat in the next presidential elections.

Second Presidential Campaign and Result

President Jimmy Carter decided to run for a second presidential term in 1980. During the 1980 presidential campaign, he had to face severe difficulties. For a start, his own party didn’t lend him full support as Ted Kennedy opposed him and sought the Democratic nomination.

Although Carter won the nomination, he still had little support left in the party. His popularity was further dented by the ongoing Iran hostage crisis at the time as well as allegations brought up against his administration’s officials.

These factors contributed to a rapid decline in his popularity. This was ultimately reflected in the election results in which his opponent Ronald Reagan won a landslide victory.

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