Donald Trump – 45

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. He was elected to the office in 2017 and remains the current president of the U.S.

Life before Presidency

Donald Trump has been a well-known and recognizable figure in the United States well before becoming the President. Born to a rich family in 1946, he inherited the family money and businesses at a young age. He then went on to launch many business ventures and companies, most notably in the real estate sector. He also published books, owned and hosted beauty pageants, and appeared on an American reality television show ‘The American Apprentice’ .


2016 Presidential Elections

In 2016, Donald Trump decided to contest the presidential elections. He was one of the many candidates seeking the nomination of the Republican Party. Trump was able to defeat sixteen other candidates and won the party nomination for the presidential elections. He made use of populist rhetoric and appealed to the conservative sections of the American society during his presidential campaign. In a stark contrast to most previous presidential elections, Trump also made extensive use of misleading or false statements during his campaign.

Elected as President

Before the actual date of the elections, many experts and critics expected Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump’s Democratic rival, to win the elections. However, when the results came in, Donald Trump had gained a surprise victory over Hilary Clinton. With this victory, Donald Trump became the oldest and wealthiest person to become the President of the United States.

Presidency of Donald Trump

Ever since his election as President, Trump’s presidency is marked by controversy and criticism. President Trump has boldly taken on controversial policies related to immigration, oil drilling, and environmental protection.

President Trump and Immigration

During his presidential campaign, Trump repeatedly stated that he would tighten immigration restrictions. He also said that he would further expand the wall on the Mexico-US border to prevent illegal immigration. He took some steps towards implementing such a policy. As President, Trump signed an executive order which imposed travel ban on citizens of certain countries from traveling to United States. The ban evoked a lot of controversy and was repeatedly challenged in the Supreme Court. It was ultimately passed and implemented with some amendments.

Government Shutdown

In December, 2018, President Trump ran into serious differences with the Democrat-controlled House. He said that the funding extension for the federal government must include funds for a Mexico-US border wall. When the House refused, this led to a government shutdown that lasted until the end of January, 2019. Ultimately, Trump implemented a national emergency along the border region.

Trump and America First Policy

As the President of United States, Trump has pursued a relentless ‘America First’ policy. In doing so, he has often sacrificed many long-term allies and friends of the U.S. as well. As part of his America First policy, Trump advocates that the United States should focus on domestic matters instead of getting involved in international matters. He has also advocated an increase in the military spending of the country while decreasing its participation in international military alliances such as NATO.

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