James Monroe – 5

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]James Monroe was the 5th President of the United States of America.

He is famous for the formulation of the official policy that USA will not allow any European powers to intervene in the North or South America.

This policy came to be called the Monroe Doctrine and played an important role in the expansion of USA in the later decades.

When and where was he born?

James Monroe was born on April 28, 1758 in the Westmoreland County of Virginia.

Early Life

During the early childhood of James Monroe, he lived in Virginia which was still a colony under the rule of Britain.

However, as he grew up, the local people in Virginia started to resent the British rule.

James’ father was a carpenter who died while James was still quite young. Rather than taking up his father’s trade, James decided to continue his studies and got admission at the College of William and Mary.

But then the American Revolutionary War broke out in 1765 and because of this he couldn’t continue his studies.

During the American Revolution

Once the American Revolutionary War broke out, James Monroe became a part of the Virginia Militia. Later, he became a soldier in the Continental Army of George Washington.

As a part of the Continental Army, he distinguished himself on the battlefield and was soon promoted to the rank of Major.

He was wounded at the Battle of Trenton and later left the army. After recovering from his wound, he decided to study law and become a lawyer.

While the Revolutionary War was still going on, Monroe emerged as an important politician. He was elected as a member of the Virginia Legislature and later became a part of the American Continental Congress.

After the American Revolution

Once the American Revolution was over, James Monroe became a part of the US Congress. He was later appointed as the Governor of the State of Virginia.

James Monroe continued to play an important role in the federal government and worked closely with the first few presidents of USA.

Specifically, he played an important role during the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson appointed Monroe to negotiate with France for the famous Louisiana Purchase.

Monroe went to Paris for negotiations and this led to the Purchase which doubled the size of USA. During the Presidency of James Madison, he served as the Secretary of State.

Life as the President

James Monroe was elected the 5th President of USA in 1817. He served for two terms and remained President until 1825.

During his Presidency, he coined the policy that USA would not let any European powers to interfere in North or South America. This policy came to be called the Monroe Doctrine.

Another important event during his Presidency was the admission of many new states to USA. In all, 5 new states became a part of USA during Monroe’s Presidency. These included Alabama, Illinois, Maine, Mississippi and Missouri.

Later Life

James Monroe’s Presidency ended in 1825. He remained active in politics after this but only six years later he grew seriously ill in 1831. He died on 4th of July, 1831 in New York City.

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