4 Astounding Statue of Liberty Conspiracies

Statue of Liberty Conspiracies Introduction

The Statue of Liberty symbolizes freedom and liberty, ideals on which United States is founded. This is why the statue has an iconic and central position in the culture and imagination of the Americans. However, the statue of liberty continues to attract a wide range of conspiracy theories.

This is particularly so because it has many classic features and symbols which can be easily interpreted to construct conspiracies. Following are some popular Statue of Liberty conspiracies associated with the statue.

The Freemason Connection

Freemasonry was a fairly common association in the 18th and 19th centuries. Many notable Americans were Freemasons, including many Founding Fathers such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

Interestingly, the Frenchmen primarily involved in the construction of the statue were also Freemasons. These include Bartholdi, who was the main sculptor of the statue, and Eiffel, who was responsible for creating the skeleton for the statue.

Statue of liberty conspiracies claimed by many that the statue features various Freemason symbols on the pedestal, the staircases inside and on the stones used. One of the plaques placed at the cornerstone of the statue has been placed by the Freemasons, which further fuels this particular statute of liberty conspiracy.

The Prometheus and Lucifer Connection

The Statue of Liberty holds aloft a torch which signifies liberty. Many believe that this torch reflects the fire that Prometheus stole from Zeus. Prometheus brought this fire to the mankind which enabled men to gain knowledge and become as powerful as the gods.

The Christian story of Lucifer signifies a similar theme. Conspiracy theories hold Prometheus and Lucifer as parallel – and they also believe that the torch at the Statue of Liberty symbolizes the fire stolen by Prometheus or the knowledge shared by Lucifer with Adam and Eve.

The Illuminati and the Statue of Liberty

Another statue of liberty conspiracy theory about the Statue relates to the Illuminati. Some theorists claim that the symbols used in the statue are secret code words of the Illuminati. The spiral staircase inside the statue is cited by many as a complex form of symbolism associated with the Illuminati.

The seven rays on the crown of the statue are also considered another symbol, signifying the Illuminati plans of a global domination. The Statue of Liberty sits on an eleven-ray star. The star has been used as an occult symbol in the past which is why many consider this another proof of the Illuminati connection of the statue.

Statue of Liberty - Liberty Island

Statue of Liberty – Liberty Island

Statue Going Dark Conspiracy

More recently, Statue of liberty conspiracies theories have been spun around events that actually took place at the statue. In 2017, for instance, the statue of liberty went dark for some time at the night. The authorities later shared that this was due to some problem caused by the construction work nearby.

However, conspiracy theorists started claiming that this was a grand symbol sent out by the statue to some occult groups. Others claimed that this symbolized a protest by the statue against the discrimination women face in their everyday lives. Yet others put forward the theory that the statue power supply had been hacked by Russia.

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