Amazing Statue of Liberty Torch 145 Year History!

The Statue of Liberty is designed on the Roman Goddess ‘Libertas’

Statue of Liberty Torch

Statue of Liberty Torch

What Does the Statue of Liberty Torch Represent?

The Statue of Liberty Torch  signifies ‘Freedom and Liberty’. It ‘Lights the Way’ to Freedom. The Liberty Torch is a comforting sight to millions as it represents the principles of Freedom and Liberty across the World.

In which hand is the Statue of Liberty Torch held?

Lady of Liberty she holds the torch of liberty with her right hand above her head.

Is the Liberty Torch Famous?

The Statue of Liberty Torch is one of the most Famous and Iconic Parts of this Statue of Freedom and Liberty.

Why was the ‘Liberty Torch made?

The Torch of Liberty and Statue of Liberty were given to America by France for America coming to their rescue during the 2nd World War.

Who made the Statue of Liberty Torch

The Renowned sculptor ‘Frederic Bartholdi’ designed and built the torch-bearing arm.

How big is the Torch of Liberty and the torch-bearing arm?

This Image Gives you a good Idea of the Size of the Liberty Torch.

Arm and Torch of Statue of Liberty in Madison Square Park New York City

Arm and Torch of Statue of Liberty in Madison Square Park New York City

Design Changes of the Torch

  • Plan were made in 1984 to take the Torch back to it’s original copper design, to be covered in gold leaf sheets for added durability.
  • Staff of the National Park Service of America volunteered to redesign the torch.
  • Swanke Hayden Connell and Thierry Despont architects were appointed for the 1984 re-design, after many attempts they finally agreed on the new design.
  • Skilled workers from Les Metalliers Champenois would carry out the new design work.

Did You know

  • The Statue of Liberty was once a Lighthouse with the Torch as it’s guiding Light to ships.
  • The torch bearing arm was first displayed in 1876 during the Centennial Exposition in the state of Philadelphia.
  • The ‘Torch of liberty’ parts were transported to Liberty Island in crates.

Lighting up the Torch

  • A special energy plant was built with funding from the government to supply lighting for Liberty’s torch.
  • Various methods of lighting the Torch of Liberty have been tried and tested over the years such as Oil, incandescent lamps and halide lamps.
  • 200 incandescent lamps were fitted to the Torch in 1931.
  • Changes to the lighting system were put into action headed by a team of engineers from General Electric.
  • The team from General electric replaced the incandescent lamps with Metal halide lamps.

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