Benjamin Franklin Proved Electricity Is A Natural Phenomenon!

EVERYTHING you know about electricity is wrong! In fact, no scientist has been able to prove that electricity comes from an outlet in your house or that it exists in any way other than as an electromagnetic force!

Benjamin Franklin actually proved that electricity comes naturally from the sky, and here’s how he did it in 1752…

Who Was Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin is a Founding Father of the United States. He was a noted author, inventor, scientist and diplomat. He is best known for his discoveries in the fields of electricity and bifocals.

Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706, to Josiah and Abiah Folger.

His father was a chandler; that is, someone who deals with candles and soap for lighting and household use.

Benjamin Franklin Founding Father and President of United States of America
Benjamin Franklin Founding Father and President of United States of America

What Did He Do?

In 1752, Benjamin Franklin conducted his famous kite experiment in order to prove that electricity is a natural phenomenon.

He attached a metal key to the end of a pointed stick and flew his kite with this contraption during an electrical storm.

When he brought the key into contact with his knuckle, it caused a spark and created an electric charge. This proved that electricity was not from angry gods but instead from natural occurrences like thunderstorms.

Why Was He Important?

The invention of electricity would not have been possible without the work of Benjamin Franklin. In 1752, he conducted a now famous experiment in which he flew a kite with a metal point in the rain.

He was able to prove that lightning is actually electricity when it hit his kite, and thus this lead to the invention of electricity.

What Are The Implications of His Experiments?

The implications of his experiments are immense. It’s not a stretch to say that the world today would be entirely different had he never conducted this experiment.