Sam Houston March 2, 1793

Who Was Sam Houston?

Sam Houston was one of the most important leaders of Texas at the time when Texas revolted against Mexican rule and gained its independence in 1836. He later represented Texas in the U.S. Senate and also served as the Governor of Texas.

Early Life

Sam Houston was born on March 2, 1793 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. His father died while Sam was still quite young. So his family had to move from Virginia to Tennessee. At a young age, Sam left his family and went to live with the Indian tribe, Cherokee.

He spent many years with them where he learned hunting and the ways of the Native Americans.


War and Politics

In 1812, a war broke out between Britain and USA. This war was mostly fought in North America. In 1813, this war was still going on. Sam Houston joined the U.S. army in 1813 in order to fight in this war.

He served under General Andrew Jackson and proved to be a very brave soldier during a number of battles.

Once the war was over, Houston studied law and became a lawyer in 1818. At the same time, he found an interest in politics and became politically active. In 1822, he was elected to a seat of the U.S. House of Representatives.

In 1827, he was elected as the Governor of Tennessee.

Role in Texas Revolution  – Sam Houston

In 1830, Texas was still a part of Mexico. In 1833, Sam Houston settled in Texas where a large population of white American settlers was already living. Around this time, the Mexican government started trying to exert more control over Texas. The white settlers didn’t like this and rebelled against Mexico.

This led to a war between Mexico and Texas in 1836. Sam Houston was the leader on the Texan side.

He led the Texan army in the Battle of San Jacinto that took place in April, 1836.

In this battle, the Texans under the leadership of Sam Houston were able to decisively defeat the main Mexican army. This ended Mexican rule in Texas and it became an independent state.

After the Texas Revolution

During the Texas Revolution, Sam Houston was the most important leader on the Texan side. So once Texas became independent, he was elected the President of the new state in 1836. Sam Houston wanted Texas to become a part of USA and thanks to his efforts, Texas was soon admitted as a new state of USA.

He later represented Texas in the U.S. Senate and was eventually made the Governor of Texas. In 1861, the American Civil War began. Houston was the governor of Texas around this time.

He was strongly opposed to the war and wanted Texas to remain a part of the Union. However, most of the people in his state disagreed with this and so he had to leave the governorship.

Later Life

Sam Houston died on July 26, 1863 in Huntsville, Texas. He died at the time when the American Civil War was still going on. However, he hadn’t fought in this war and died of pneumonia.

Sam Houston Fast Facts

  • Sam Houston was an Important figure in American history.
  • He was born on March 2, 1793 in Rockbridge, Virginia.
  • He served under General Andrew Jackson and later became the Governor of Tennessee.
  • He was an important leader of the Texas Revolution.
  • He was elected as president of Texas after Texan independence in the year 1836.
  • Houston led the Texan army in the Battle of San Jacinto that took place in April, 1836.
  • He became the Governor of Texas.
  • Houston died in Huntsville Texas in 1863 of pneumonia during the American civil war.

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