Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. During this time, he actively implemented an extremist ideology in Germany while also arming the country and trying to expand it. His actions directly led to the start of World War II as well as the holocaust which caused the deaths of millions.

Early Life

Hitler was born in 1889 to a German family. He moved to Vienna, then a part of Austria, with his parents. Both his parents died while he was still fairly young, so Hitler had to spend a considerable time of his early years in the shelters for the homeless. He tried to pursue a career in arts but failed. Then World War I broke out and Hitler enlisted as a soldier in the German army in 1914.

Hitler during World War I

During World War I, Hitler participated in a number of important battles. He was wounded during the war and received the Iron Cross First Class in recognition of his bravery. However, he was bitterly disappointed when Germany was ultimately defeated.

In the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was forced to accept humiliating terms of surrender and lost a huge portion of its territories. Hitler, along with other Germans, was shocked at this outcome. He vowed to take revenge for this.

Hitler and the Nazi Party

Once the war was over, Hitler began his political career. He was known for delivering powerful and effective speeches. Hitler used this skill to criticize the Treaty of Versailles as well as other politicians.

He also advocated his own race-based Nazi ideology. He joined the Nazi party in 1919 and became its chairman in 1921. In 1923, he and his party tried to affect a coup but it failed. Hitler was put in prison where he wrote his book ‘Mein Kampf’. The book became a bestseller and was one of Hitler’s most effective propaganda tools.

Rise to Power

By 1932, Hitler had popularity and support all over Germany. He ran for presidency and won enough votes to be made the chancellor. He then used his position to establish dictatorship, suppress all political opposition and assume absolute power.

Using this power, he began a systematic attempt to suppress, persecute and ultimately murder the Jewish population in Germany. Beginning in 1939, he and his Nazi regime began genocide of the Jews which would ultimately result in the deaths of millions.

Hitler in World War II

Hitler sought to retake the lands which Germany had lost in World War I. To this end, he invaded Poland in 1939. This sparked the World War II. France and Britain opposed Hitler’s plans and joined hands with United States and other European nations.

Hitler used the Blitzkrieg method to launch rapid raids and take over vast areas of European mainland. He also launched attempts to invade Soviet Union and Britain. Although Germany was initially successful, it could not sustain this success and was soon on the back foot. By 1945, Soviet forces were already invading Germany and Hitler could see imminent defeat. He committed suicide on April 30, 1945.

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