Pueblo Tribe

The Pueblo were a group of different Native American people who lived together in small villages which were called ‘pueblos’. They lived in southern regions of modern-day United States, mainly in the areas which are the states of New Mexico and Arizona today.

Pueblo and the Spanish

In the 16th century, Spanish arrived in the southern regions of North America. Here they encountered the Pueblo people living in a large number of villages. The Spanish were colonists, so they took over the lands of the Pueblo and forced them to work in the fields.

But by the 17th century, the patience of the Pueblo people had ran out because the Spanish didn’t treat them well. So they launched a rebellion against the Spanish and forced them out of their lands.

This happened in 1680. The Pueblo continued to live peacefully for the next 12 years. But in 1692, the Spanish returned again and took over their lands. This time, the Spanish were more careful and treated the Pueblo people better.


The Homes of the Pueblo

One of the most famous aspects of the Pueblo culture was the homes they lived in. They built their homes from adobe clay mixture and stone. Using these materials, they built very durable homes which were many stories high.

To go from one level to another, the Pueblo used ladders. In some cases, they used natural landscape such as hills to build their adobe homes. Each of the Pueblo villages comprised of a large number of such homes connected with each other so that the entire village looked like a single unit.

Food of the Pueblo

Pueblo lived at one place and farmed different crops which provided them plenty of food. Their main crop was corn and they grew it in the same way as other Native American tribes in Mexico and Central America did.

After reaping corn, they dried it and ground it into flour. This flour was then used to make a thin kind of bread. Pueblo also grew squash and beans.

The Clothes of the Pueblo

The Pueblo people lived in a region where the climate was generally hot. This was reflected in their clothes as well. Pueblo men usually wore only a breech-cloth during the summers.

In winters, they wore a warm cloak to keep them safe from the cold. The women wore a square piece of cloth which was called a manta. They wore the manta in such a way that it was fastened to their shoulder at one end and belted around their waist at the other end.


Roads built by Pueblo

The Pueblo people were famous for building a large number of roads. They built roads between different villages and from their villages to sources of water as well as to other spots.

One of the most famous of the Pueblo roads is called the Great North Road. It is probably a road which had religious importance for Pueblo because it doesn’t lead to a stream, a river or another village.

It simply goes on for 31 miles and then ends at the edge of the canyon. For this reason, it is believed that Pueblo simply travelled on this road as a part of their religious beliefs.