Apache Indians

Who were the Apache?

The Apache were a group of Native American tribes. These groups shared language and culture, so they lived together and were collectively called the Apache people.

Apache were known as a fierce people who had many warriors and who defended their land from newcomers.

For this reason, when the size of the United States of America expanded and reached the western portion of North America where the Apache lived, the Apache took up arms and fought many battles with the American forces.

Where did the Apache Indian tribes live?

Apache lived in the western region of North America. Initially, they had a lot of land under their control which they had gained by fighting and defeating other Native American tribes.

But then the Spanish settlers started trying to control the land in south-Western United States, in the areas near and around modern-day Texas.

The Apache resisted and fought many battles with the Spanish. Eventually, both sides agreed to peace and the Apache decided to settle in the Texas region.

Houses of the Apache

The Apache built their houses from materials available to them. Two main types of houses were built by them, the teepees and the wikiups.

The teepees were made from long poles which were covered with buffalo hide, making these houses look like inverted cones. These houses could be easily carried from one place to another.

Wikiups were made from tree saplings and usually covered with grass, giving them a dome-like structure. These were more permanent type houses.

Famous Apache Warriors

Among all the Native American tribes, the Apache were considered the fiercest warriors. In the 19th century, United States of America and the Apache fought many battles.

During this period, many famous Apache warriors rose to prominence and led the Apache during the battles. One of these was Cochise. Another was Mangas Coloradas who died fighting against America.

The most famous Apache warrior was Geronimo. Geronimo fought many battles against the Mexicans as well as the Americans. He was a great warrior but wasn’t considered a very good leader by his people.

In 1886, Geronimo was leading the last group of Apache fighters when he was surrounded by the American forces and forced to surrender.

Why did America fight the Apache?

The United States of America began at the eastern coast of North America, from the 13 British colonies. Slowly, America spread westwards, eventually covering the entire North America except Canada.

During this expansion, America had to face the resistance from many Native American tribes who lived in the West.

America wanted to bring their land under the control of the Americans while the Native Americans didn’t want to give up their land.

This was the case with the Apache too. Gold was discovered in the land under Apache control and miners from America started coming to the land in great numbers.

When the Apache tried to stop them, the miners beat the Apache tribal chief. This started a war between American forces and the Apache, which lasted until the end of the 19th century.