Why the Pilgrims Chose to Land Where They Did

The Pilgrims chose to land at Plymouth, in what is now Massachusetts, because it was the only destination on their list of possible settlement locations that offered all four of these advantages.

Plymouth had fertile soil, safe harbors and abundant timber, as well as close proximity to a Native American tribe that could be used as intermediaries with other tribes in the area and to help protect the colony from outside threats.

The Pilgrims arrive from Plymouth England on the Mayflower Ship

The Pilgrims arrive from Plymouth England on the Mayflower Ship

The Mayflower landed in Plymouth harbor on December 21, 1620, an event that came to be known as the First Landing of the Mayflower.

Who wer the Pilgrims?

The pilgrims were a group of English people who wanted to start a new colony in North America. Their original destination was Virginia, but when they arrived there, they found that all of the land had already been claimed by other people.

The settlers tried other places along the coast, but none seemed promising enough for their purposes.


The Pilgrims were looking for religious freedom

As they sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, the Pilgrims found themselves in need of a suitable place to land. After traveling more than two thousand miles, they were running out of food and supplies.

Finally, they spotted a harbor on November 11th, 1620. The harbor was surrounded by hills that made it appear as if it were an island, which was perfect for them because they couldn’t risk being caught by their enemies.


The climate in England was harsh and they were looking for a better life

The first English settlers in America landed on Plymouth Rock, in what is now Massachusetts. The climate of England was harsh, and they were looking for a better life. The pilgrims chose to land where they did because there was an American Indian tribe nearby that would help them get started.

It’s also said that the Native Americans helped them during their first winter because they had run out of food and didn’t know how to hunt for themselves.


They were also looking for a place to start their own colony

After landing in America, they were looking for a place to start their own colony. With the help of Powhatan’s daughter Pocahontas. The pilgrims landed there because it had both fresh water and an excellent harbor.

Where Did the Pilgrims Finally Settle?

In 1620, a group of religious dissenters in England set sail for America. Their goal was to find a place where they could live in peace and worship as they pleased. After many weeks at sea, they came ashore in what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The location was chosen because it had sheltered harbor and fresh water; these were necessities for any settlement, this location was perfect and the reason why many of the pilgrims stayed in this area.