Symbol for Strength


Symbols have always played a critical role in the Native Indian culture. They were used to convey secret messages/codes, signify guardian spirits and a lot more.

The meaning of the symbols differed from one tribe to the other. Native Americans displayed them on their bodies, houses, clothes, and horses. They were also used for clan identification and passed down from one generation to the other.

Along with this, some symbols also indicated hunting areas while others were used for directional purposes. Native Americans were also deeply religious, and their symbols are a reflection of this fact as well.

Different symbols and their meanings of Native Americans

Different symbols and their meanings

Different symbols with several meanings existed in the Native American world.

  • The arrow represented protection. Arrowhead was a sign of vigilance.
  • The snake symbol was regarded as a storm bringer.
  • It was associated with lighting and thunderstorms.
  • The bear was a symbol of bravery, strength, and guidance.
  • The bird-man represented order and light.
  • Butterfly symbol was used for transformations.
  • Cactus was used for durability, protection, and warmth.
  • The campfire was a symbol of a temporary overnight stay.
  • The morning star signified hope and guidance.
  • Deer tracks represented security, opulence, and lodging.
  • Dragonfly symbolized joy, speed, and purity.
  • The eagle was a representative of courage, knowledge, and power.
  • The Fox was used as a symbol for a trickster.
  • Crossed arrows were a symbol of friendship.
  • Gila monster was a symbol of preservation and survival.
  • Deer symbolized prosperity.


Native American Symbols and Religion

Religion and spiritual beliefs had a deep impact on the lives of the Native American tribes. Although every tribe had different ceremonies, traditions, and legends, all of them believed that spirits existed everywhere.

According to Native American traditions, every child had to enter the forest alone and discover his spiritual guardian. After this, they were officially accepted as an adult. Native Americans regarded animal symbols as spirit guides.

The Eagle was viewed as the messenger of the Great Spirit. The Natives believed it carried their prayers to the spiritual world.

Zuni bear was considered to be the most powerful animal. The natives believed that if you placed a cornmeal under the image of the Zuni Bear, it would protect your house. It was also believed to posses inherent abilities which were used to help people.

Symbols of Strength

Various symbols of strength existed in the Native Indian culture. An example can be taken of the bear. It was considered to be a symbol of physical strength, protection, and guidance.

The Indians believed hunting, touching, or dreaming about bears would allow them to draw out the same level of power and durability as the said animal. Many Indians also wore grizzly bear necklaces. It was a sign of good health and courage.

Along with this, the necklace was a symbol of a man’s dominance over a ferocious beast. The bear symbol was also famous for its healing abilities as well. The hand symbolized spiritual power, control, and safety.

The symbols of eagle, rattlesnake jaws, and the Zuni bear translated into power and strength.