Native American Men

Men in the Native American tribes were mostly tasked with outdoor activities. Men were expected to be physically active and strong. They were tasked with activities which required hard labor and physical strength. Although their roles varied from one tribe to another, their responsibilities and lifestyle was mostly similar.

Responsibilities of Native American Men

Native American men were responsible for many tasks. The most notable among these were hunting and warfare. The men went outdoors to hunt bison, deer and other animals. In this way, they provided food for their families.

They also trained as warriors and were adept in the use of many weapons. Warfare was an important responsibility. As warriors, men fought with enemy warriors to save their own tribe and families from them.

Native American Men and Specialized Crafts

Apart from the many outdoor activities, some Native American men also specialized in different crafts. For instance, some men in a tribe would specialize in making weapons for the warriors.

Others used their skills to create boats and fishing equipment. Some men even specialized in making intricate jewelry which could be sold to other tribes or white Europeans.

Religious and Political Leadership

Every Native American tribe had religious and political leaders who were usually men. The religious or spiritual leaders served as a medium between people and the spirits. They also organized and oversaw rituals and ceremonies.

Political leaders of a tribe were tribal chiefs who made important decisions. They would decide when to fight, the terms of different treaties, the right time to migrate and other issues which affected a tribe as a whole.

Clothing of Native American Men

The clothing of the men reflected the region and the climate in which they lived. The temperatures grew hot in the Plains region and towards the south in summers.

So the men of the tribes in these regions mostly wore only a breech-cloth. When winter arrived, the temperature grew cold. In such weather, the men wore warm cloaks as well as leggings to keep their legs warm. Moccasins or other shoes made from animal hide were also worn by men in winters.

Native American Men and Agriculture

Agriculture was an important activity for many Native American tribes. Such tribes usually lived in permanent dwellings at one place and practiced agriculture to grow various crops. The men in these tribes planted the crops and irrigated them. They also looked after them throughout the year.

Native American Men and Vision Quest

Vision quest was a kind of rite of passage. Once a boy undertook this quest, the tribe accepted his adulthood and he was considered a man.

The quest comprised of leaving the tribe for a few days. The boy would go into the wilderness and avoid food, drink or sleep. This was done to seek the guardian spirits and have visions.

Once the boy received a vision or any other sign, he came back to the tribe. He would then be included among the men and was allowed to participate in battles alongside other warriors.

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