Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America

He played a very important role in establishing the financial system of America once the country was free from Britain. He also served in many important political posts.

Alexander Hamilton Bio – Where was Alexander Hamilton born?

Alexander Hamilton was born in 1757 in British West Indies. He didn’t gain formal education at an early age and instead, became a clerk at a very young age.

Alexander Hamilton Education

As a clerk, he had access to many books and Hamilton developed an interest in reading.

In 1772, he wrote a letter that was published in a local newspaper.

The letter was very well-written and greatly impressed the local community leaders. They decided that Hamilton should get proper education and after collecting a fund for him, sent him to the British colonies in North America to attain formal education.

Alexander Hamilton & King’s College

Alexander Hamilton arrived in America in October 1772. He immediately set to attaining education in important subjects

He initially studied at a grammar school in New Jersey and then went on to complete his matriculation at King’s College in New York City.

At college, Hamilton actively supported the idea that American colonies should be independent of Britain. He wrote many pamphlets supporting the Americans and opposing British rule.

Alexander Hamilton

During the Revolutionary War

In 1775, the Revolutionary War between the 13 American colonies and Britain began. Hamilton immediately joined a New York militia.

George Washington

He studied military tactics and scored many important victories against British soldiers. This earned him a promotion to the position of captain in 1776 and later he was asked by General George Washington to join as his staff aide.

Siege of Yorktown

He served with General Washington for 4 years and during this time, sent important letters from Washington to other American generals and shared important battle plans with them.

He then asked to be sent back to the battlefield because he wanted to fight. In 1881, he took part in the famous Siege of Yorktown. The success of the American army in the siege ended the Revolutionary War.

Siege of Yorktown 1862 Map
Siege of Yorktown 1862 Map

After the Revolutionary War

After the War was over, George Washington was chosen as the First President of the United States of America.

First President of the USA

Alexander Hamilton was selected as one of the members of Washington’s cabinet and given the position of the First United States Secretary of Treasury.

Hamilton had a very good understanding of the economy and financial systems. So he went on to create a financial system for the newly-born USA. He played an important role in the establishment of the Bank of the United States.

He also established his own political party which was called the Federalist Party. He and his party wanted to have good trade relations with Britain. Thomas Jefferson and many other members of Congress opposed him and created their own political party

Thomas Jefferson

Alexander Hamilton Later Life

Hamilton remained the US Secretary of Treasury until 1795. Then he went back to New York and started practicing law.

He didn’t like the policies of President John Adams and when President Adams tried to get elected a second time in 1801, Hamilton opposed him, contributing to his failure.

How did Alexander Hamilton Die?

Later he supported Thomas Jefferson for Presidency while opposing Aaron Burr. He and Burr didn’t like each other. In 1804, they decided to fight a duel in which Hamilton got shot. He died a day later.