New York Colony

New York Colony – History of ‘New York Colony’ in the Colonial Period!

New Netherlands – Dutch Control of the Colony

The ‘New York’ Colony was originally controlled by the Dutch and was called ‘New Netherlands’ after their homeland!

Anglo Dutch War Second war: 1664–1667

The English were in a power struggle with the Netherlands at the time and during the Second War of the ‘Anglo Dutch Wars’ the English secured several important victories against the Dutch (The were Naval battles) During these conflicts the English Navy captured ‘New Netherlands’ (present day New York) led by King of England’s brother Charles who was also the ‘Duke of York’.

Birth of the New York Colony under British Rule

England seized control of the ‘New Netherlands’ colony from the Dutch in 1664

After this war the Amsterdam colony ‘New Netherlands’ became a a British proprietary colony and was re-named ‘New York’ after King Charles gave the area to his younger brother the ‘Duke of York’ – Duke of York became ‘New York’!

New York Colony Fast Facts

  • The New York colony was owned by the King of England at the time, it became a proprietary colony with different rulers and was later that under the control and administration of United Kingdom Government.
  • The Province of New York was established around the years of 1664–1776.
  • The ‘New York colony’ is located in the area of modern New York on the Northeast Coast of America.
  • King Charles II also granted a part of ‘New Netherlands’ ‘New York to William Penn who in turned named the area under his control as Pennsylvania.
  • The New York Colony was one of the Famous 13 colonies that joined forces with other American colonies against the British in the Wars of Independence.

Control of the New York Colony Time-line

  • Anglo Dutch War Second war: 1664–1667.
  • England seized control of ‘New Netherlands 1664.
  • Sovereign control in 1667 – Treaty of Breda.
  • Treaty of Westminster (1674).
  • 1674 – English Common law was in place in the Colony.

The Middle Colonies

Most of ‘New Netherlands’ came under the province of New York however there were some areas were the ‘King of England’ and the ‘Duke of York’ granted land ownership to others – The Province of New Jersey and the Province of Pennsylvania were created.

Pennsylvania was created by William Penn ‘Penn-Sylvania’. Later Delaware would separate from Pennsylvania and become it’s own colony. There was also the Chesapeake colony that completed the Middle Colonies.

America Takes control of New York

In the Year 1775 the revolutionary New York Provincial Congress of local representatives took control and the government declared ‘New York Province’ as the “State of New York” in the year 1776. The first New York Constitution was ratified in 1777.

Britain Regains Control on the American Revolutionary War

The British re-gained control of ‘New York’ for a short period in the American Revolutionary War in which New York was used a headquarters for their military operations, however large parts of the colony was still under the control of the patriots armies.

Treaty of Paris 1783 and George Washington’s Return

New York established it’s independence from Britain in the Treaty of Paris in 1783. British troops were over-powered by American troops would finally evacuate ‘New York’ which was celebrated in large scale party and parade by George Washington’s Continental army of the 25 November 1783.